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The Books of Barry Eysman  


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This is a book about love. The surprises, the nights, dreams and rainbows, falling into, taking with, a series of moments that leave you flailing, the unexpected contentment, all facets of being human, facing the ultimate in all of us--the need to not be alone.

One word, plastic. Kidding. One word, connections. The stories, zany; the titles rhyme. Humans trying to tie everything together. Our portfolio includes an Easter boy and the crazed egg caper. A lizard man and more on the way. Waiter, there's an eye in my martini. And surprises in Orb’s lab. Flies use their ‘branes. Macy's Christmas window gets soaped. Ants get philosophical. There are Sing Sing criminals, and King Kong down to the Sweetie Burger. Love lasts forever. Yeah, well. Summer giggles; autumn ashes. The secret of an old friend I'm not thrilled to tell you. So, open the book, let the denizens breathe. It's getting cramped in there. And lonely. Kind of worrisome, and they have stuff to say. Okay?

Stories of Words. Words used as misunderstanding, satire that goes straight over the wall and the secret of why words hurt so much.Words go deep inside us. Children are proud when they learn to read, then they find out how much words that are their's hurt them. The stories are funny and sad and lonely and scared and brash and boasting. They are objects we invented that along the way became our soul and our heart that are used against us. And that we use against them.

Malevolent fangs include: A neck of horror; Deformed Divination; A freak tabulating midnights; An Xmas present to Twirl; Shattered puzzles leading down to Bruised butterflies; Bloody 8th grade retribution; Surprise suburban grue; Goriest matricide; Knees and hands betray. Meant to hook--- Grim potato chips; Find winter has come calling--- Forever. For you.

Broken eyes, a brain that commands falling, these stories are of escape and hope and magic, using the very things that are crushing me.


Heart's home perfect, in a journey through longing memories, a girl's mid July tears, wars fought in the soul and in the mind, homecoming when a photo is an entirety of a child, an urban legend linking past beauty with current sad age and most happy ending, letters to the founder of me, a 12-year old going blind and the splendid joy at the finality, a mad miracle at Fifth and Lex, a November gray skied and promise of snow, Gojira, an only hope, a Leif that causes trembles in midnight irony, these and more, to someone waiting for me and for them maybe, a welcome home long time running back to deep Autumn and a friend's face never forgotten for one single second. A love story, all of it. Let me tell you once upon a time on a snowy country road come November....